Dough Bowl Candle

KY. Selenite Crystal Co

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Candle Dough Bowls are trending like crazy!! I have one in my house and I love it so much I wanted to bring a couple in to the Boutique as well!
These are handmade, hand poured, superior quality and only made with premium soy wax, wicks & essential oils. Also includes the healing selenite crystal! No icky chemicals floating around your house and no two are alike!
Decade scent which smells like scented orange blossom and white musk. Just the perfect combination of citrus and earth. The two make a perfect pair šŸƒšŸŒ¾
I have two available:
ā€¢3 wick Small Bowl 55.00
ā€¢4 wick Medium Bowl 65.00
Ships FREE ā¤ļø